The inspiration

Unless you live with a migraine sufferer, it’s hard to understand the severity of their suffering. That’s certainly the experience of Founder and Managing Director, Michael Dale. He knew his sister had been a migraine sufferer since her teens, but he didn’t realise how bad it was for her.

It was during a casual conversation that he learned she would require hospitalisation every 2 weeks because of her migraines. She would call the ambulance just before she became unconscious. The local area paramedics all knew her and understood that when they arrived at her home, they would probably find her unconscious on the floor, near the phone.

While in hospital, another patient told Michael’s sister to apply crushed, raw ginger to her forehead. The first attempt did nothing to relieve the pain so she tried again with “fresher” ginger. The juice ran into her eyes and burnt like chilli but then she realised, the migraine pain was gone.

Extremely sceptical until he read the research

To be honest, Michael Dale was sceptical about the benefits of ginger. After all, if ginger was really the answer, why wasn’t it being used more widely as a natural remedy for migraine pain?

One afternoon with nothing much to do, Michael searched online for “ginger + migraine”. He couldn’t believe the array of information on the use of ginger for relieving migraine pain. So he set about finding a more convenient and effective way to use ginger as a natural migraine pain relief.

It’s been a 5 year journey

Michael never anticipated how difficult it would be to find a way to extract all the medically beneficial properties of ginger without loss of potency. In the end, it was Michael’s innovative thinking and commitment to helping his sister that finally resulted in the breakthrough he was looking for.

Behind the scenes, his much loved sister would test every batch. So imagine the excitement when she rang to share the most remarkable news … her migraine was gone within minutes after applying Migraine Escape®*.

Genuine caring for migraine sufferers

All of the research and testing to develop Migraine Escape® has been privately funded by Michael Dale because he understands how migraines affect every aspect of a sufferer’s life.

Pilot trials were conducted to check that his sister’s experience could be repeated on other migraine sufferers. The results showed the majority of participants received relief from the discomfort of migraine headaches, with those results being validated by customers since sales started to the public in 2016*.

Not only that, Michael offers a 30-day money back guarantee if Migraine Escape® does not work for you.

So if you are ready to live your life and escape the prison of migraine pain, it’s time to try Migraine Escape®.