Key features

      1. 100% natural remedy for migraine pain relief AND prevention.
      2. many-times-more-powerful and convenient version of rubbing fresh ginger on the forehead to relieve migraine pain, a technique used for thousands of years by traditional medicine.
      3. Specially formulated to attack the progression of the migraine BEFORE you actually experience the pain.
      4. NONE of the side effects associated with conventional migraine medication.
      5. Each bottle contains enough of the extract to stop approximately 22 migraines, keeping you migraine-free for many months depending on the frequency of your migraines.
      6. You "take" Migraine Escape® by rolling it on the skin - that way it is absorbed through the blood membrane in seconds, immediately getting to work on your migraine.
      7. Created using cutting-edge, specialised technology which is why the results are different.
      8. Our ESCAPE protocol guide helps you to identify your personal migraine path, allowing you to get the best results from Migraine Escape®.


    Migraine Escape® is an all-natural, topically applied treatment for the relief of migraine pain and longer-term migraine prevention, made 100% from a pure ginger extract. Migraine Escape® is unlike any other migraine treatment - starting with our innovative extraction process from the highest quality ginger through to the holistic and integrated approach that helps you take control of your migraines and discover a new life. 

    Ginger has long been recognised for its medicinal benefits and used for over 4,000 years in ancient cultures from Greece and Egypt to India and Asia for Chinese tonics. Using cutting-edge technology, we formulated a ginger extract that maximises the powers of ginger's active ingredients and efficacy for migraine treatment in a form that allows for topical application rather than ingestion.

    Beyond this innovative new approach it’s the process and new understanding of the migraine path which makes Migraine Escape® unlike anything you have used before. Getting to truly know your migraine path and following our ESCAPE protocol will help ensure you get the best from Migraine Escape®.

    When most people say they have a migraine they are talking about the debilitating pain and discomfort associated with a migraine. But a migraine more often than not starts much earlier than this, and it is critical for you to understand what the path of a migraine really is, and in particular your own individual migraine path to get the best results from Migraine Escape®. This is because Migraine Escape® has been specially formulated to attack the progression of the migraine BEFORE you get what you might call a migraine, but what the medics call the “headache” phase of the migraine.

    This guide explains the ESCAPE protocol and how to use Migraine Escape®. Take a minute to read through and understand the process – we are committed to your health and we need you to make a commitment to yourself to achieve a profound difference to your life. Great results are the result of great actions.

    Migraine Escape® is a 100% natural and contains no chemical additives or preservatives. It is intended for topical application (to the skin) and designed to be convenient and easy to use. It is not to be ingested or used in any other way than described here.