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Migraine Escape® Treatment Package

Our most powerful natural migraine solution

Whether you experience several migraines a week or one a month like clockwork, 4-6 weeks of using Migraine Escape® is associated with significantly fewer migraines and the ability to extinguish attacks when they do occur.
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Migraine Escape® Magnesium

The Mineral of Life

When you take the right kind of magnesium and in the right way, your body will love you. Proper magnesium intake strengthens your migraine defences and does wonders for your health all round.
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Free migraine consultation
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Free migraine consultation

Getting to the bottom of what's causing your migraines can be a lengthy process. In 15 minutes we can cover the key areas of your possible migraine causes, and explore what options you have available to you.
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“Since having Migraine Escape my confidence levels and everything have changed, because you've got it in your back pocket or wherever you've got it - in your purse. If you feel any sort of symptoms coming, you hit it on the head before it even goes into a full migraine and it's just wonderful.”*

“I am religiously using as a preventative when the symptom first appears and having fabulous results with that. My clusters have reduced from 5-10 days of migraines in a row to 3 tops, mostly 2 days consecutively and that is an awesome result for me.”*

"I don’t have that groggy feeling. And I don’t have that nauseous feeling. And the weighed down feeling that you’d normally get post-migraine or having taken any medication prior."*

"She knows that if she’ll begin getting an aura and begins applying Migraine Escape, she’s escaped. She doesn’t have to worry about maybe not making it to the party or whatever."*

"Everything just runs smoothly and I’m not tired. I feel just more energised. And I don’t have a headache - I couldn’t tell you when I last had a headache."*

“I actually had the aura (blurry vision) I get with a migraine at 5pm this afternoon whilst at the playground with the kids - raced home to apply the treatment and no headache eventuated. I did lie down for a half hour just because I felt exhausted but now, 5 hours later it is just a blip in my day.”*

"Migraines have been disappearing from my life"

Lindy's first success came when she stopped a migraine attack in its tracks. With regular use, the number of attacks drastically declined too. She shares her experience below.*
Migraine Education

Knowledge is power. Learn about why you get migraines so you understand how changes in your life can help you beat this illness. Below we cover key concepts you should know about.

Your Migraine Bucket

Our favourite way to understand what’s causing your migraines. The migraine bucket shows us that it is not a single or handful of causes or triggers that is responsible for your migraines, but rather many things piled on top of each other that keep your migraine bucket continually in touching distance of its tipping point.

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Inflammation is the common factor in almost every migraine bucket. Focusing on removing or reducing the sources of inflammation should be top of your migraine reduction strategy.

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Diet & migraines

One of the biggest sources of inflammation comes from the foods we eat everyday. Many of these are “hidden” i.e. they are conventionally considered “healthy” but for certain people can cause serious health issues. Learn about how lectins, glutamates and nitrates might be filling up your migraine bucket.

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Stress & migraines

Stress is almost unavoidable which is why it is a cause of migraines for so many people. In many cases, it is not always obvious where the stress in your life is coming from, making it much harder to combat. We look at the science behind why stress leads to migraines, how to identify the root of your stress and ways to reduce the impact of stress on your health.

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Find more helpful articles in our Migrainepedia

I was suffering from chronic migraines when I discovered Migraine Escape®, I used it as a preventative and am now able to spend time with my two young children without feeling awful

Emma W, New Zealand
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