Even though it’s experienced by only about 25% of migraineurs, the migraine aura may be the most often-discussed phase of a migraine attack. There are many possible symptoms of migraine aura, with visual being the best known.

Possible symptoms of migraine aura include:

- Hypersensitivity to feel and touch, to the point where what is ‘normal’ is painful

- One-sided paralysis

- One-sided motor weakness

- Prickling, stinging, burning, numbness and/or tingling - usually of the extremities or face

- Hearing sounds that aren’t actually present

- Decrease in or loss of hearing

- Smelling odours that aren’t actually present

- Confusion

- Dizziness

- Sensation of whirling or spinning - different to dizziness

- ‘Wavy lines’ - sometimes described as ‘looking like heat rising from the pavement’

- Blurry vision

- Partial, decreased or lost vision. Some people describe scotoma as being like having tiny blank spots in their vision.

- Brief flashes of light that streak across your vision

- Unilateral (one-sided) vision

- Alice in Wonderland syndrome: a rare form of migraine aura in which the distinctive symptom is a type of metamorphosia, a distortion of body image and perspective.

The aura phase will typically be followed by the headache phase.