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We believe in a root cause approach to treating migraines. Why? Because it works. And it’s safer, cheaper and healthier.


What is Migraine Escape?

We are a one-stop resource hub for people looking to escape migraine on their own terms.

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We’ve worked with hundreds of migraine sufferers. We’ve taken our best information and sorted it based on the various way migraine sufferers describe their situation.

For personalised guidance, start by choosing the situation below which best relates to your own:

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Putting the power in your hands

You might have been told that migraines can’t be cured. That the best you can hope for is to continue using meds to dull the pain or stave off an attack by an extra day.

Or hope that you’re one of the lucky ones included in trials for a new drug treatment. And luckier still, that it works for you.

The thing is, normal people - just like you and I - are already winning their war against migraines. And they’re doing it without meds or expensive and dangerous treatments like Botox.

Our purpose is to empower YOU with the ability to do the same.
Migraine Elimination Strategies

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Diet Rebalance
Hidden Causes
Lifestyle Rebalance
Stress Migraines
Jaw Pain Migraines
Migraine Causes Library

Do you know what's really causing your migraines?

Migraine is the coming together of multiple factors, factors that are often hidden from plain sight. For many people, understanding these factors better is the basis for a successful migraine elimination strategy.

Browse our library of migraine causes to learn why these things trigger migraines:

Safe and effective treatment options

From migraine sufferer, to migraine-free

We are developing a range of products that specifically target the mechanisms of migraine without harming your body. Powerful tools to help you make a faster transition from migraine sufferer to migraine-free.

Natural Non-toxic Effective

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Fights the migraine from all angles
Migraine Escape® - effective, fast acting mild migraine and headache solution
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A powerful ginger-based solution for preventative and acute pain relief.

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How does ginger work?
Reduces build-up of migraine-inducing xyz
Wellness Magnesium Dietary Supplement
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Not just any magnesium blend - combined with X key components to target mechanisms of migraine.

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How does magnesium work?
Magnesium Bath Flakes (750g)
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Magnesium Body Oil 100ml
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Zinger Balm - Organic Aloe Vera & Coconut Butter Balm with Ginger
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HeadClear - Migraine, Headache and Stress Relief Supplement – 60 Capsules
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Feel like you've tried everything?

This revolutionary new approach to migraine and pain management has restored control to the lives of the migraine community.
Preventative action

Reduce migraine frequency

Abortive action

Arrest migraine attack before it's painful

Human friendly

No pills, needles or artificial chemicals

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Mummy doesn’t get migraines anymore
Get the same results as mum-of-two Geraldine. Click below to learn how.
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Migraine A-Z

Our growing A-Z of all things migraine. Click below to find what you’re looking for.
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Did you know?

Many of the common causes of migraine are also shown to lead to neurological diseases like Alzheimers and ALS.

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Everything we do, say and recommend is based on holistic, root-cause principles and backed by science. Real solutions that have worked for real people. Real solutions that you can implement in your own life.

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Real people, real results

“Since having Migraine Escape my confidence levels and everything have changed, because you've got it in your back pocket or wherever you've got it - in your purse. If you feel any sort of symptoms coming, you hit it on the head before it even goes into a full migraine and it's just wonderful.”*

“I am religiously using as a preventative when the symptom first appears and having fabulous results with that. My clusters have reduced from 5-10 days of migraines in a row to 3 tops, mostly 2 days consecutively and that is an awesome result for me.”*

"I don’t have that groggy feeling. And I don’t have that nauseous feeling. And the weighed down feeling that you’d normally get post-migraine or having taken any medication prior."*

"She knows that if she’ll begin getting an aura and begins applying Migraine Escape, she’s escaped. She doesn’t have to worry about maybe not making it to the party or whatever."*

"Everything just runs smoothly and I’m not tired. I feel just more energised. And I don’t have a headache - I couldn’t tell you when I last had a headache."*

“I actually had the aura (blurry vision) I get with a migraine at 5pm this afternoon whilst at the playground with the kids - raced home to apply the treatment and no headache eventuated. I did lie down for a half hour just because I felt exhausted but now, 5 hours later it is just a blip in my day.”*

"Migraines have been disappearing from my life"

Lindy's first success came when she stopped a migraine attack in its tracks. With regular use, the number of attacks drastically declined too. She shares her experience below.*