I received a message from one of our customers yesterday informing me about the results she has obtained by changing her application protocol for Migraine Escape.

By applying Migraine Escape to her gall bladder area before bed and again in the morning after a shower, plus a continuous application along her gall bladder meridian line (across her forehead, down her jaw, and down her neck) she has in 2 days cleared up any sign of her migraine pain and is feeling considerably better!*


Amy - not her real name as she wishes to remain anonymous - first started using Migraine Escape after visiting our stand at the Naturally Good Expo 2017 in Sydney in early June. Her migraines had been increasing in frequency to one every 3-4 days and she was looking for an effective natural treatment.

Migraine Escape had successfully provided her with relief up until this week when she had a migraine attack that she described as severe pain that Migraine Escape made absolutely no difference to.

My sister Judy - the reason Migraine Escape first started - still gets what I term a ‘super migraine’ about every three months. Migraine Escape has no impact on this super migraine and the only thing that offers any relief is morphine. So, we are aware of the fact that Migraine Escape, unfortunately, cannot stop every migraine.

"100% of Migraines are Related to Stomach and Gallbladder Problems!"

After experiencing this super migraine, Amy spoke with her naturopath, who said: "100% of migraines are related to stomach and gall bladder issues"!

Amy is someone who is very careful with what she eats and lives by the motto ‘simple is better'. However, in this case, her naturopath identified the source of this massive migraine attack as being related to 'energy stagnation' in the gall bladder due to some compounding emotional issues that had come together in a perfect storm.

The naturopath recommended the modified application protocol I described above (gall bladder & meridian line) and as a result, may have uncovered something that may be of benefit to our Migraine Escapees community.

What is Energy Stagnation?

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that there is no such thing as disease—it is simply energy stagnation within the body.1

One symptom of this energy stagnation is best described as a “very typical headache pattern that appears to start at the base of the skull and proceeds along the sides of the head and above or behind the eye sockets”.2

Acupuncture gall bladder meridian

In the words of one article I encountered during my research:

This one is very easy to explain. If one were to examine a simple acupuncture chart they would notice that this pattern of pain exactly follows what is commonly referred to the upper “gallbladder meridian.”

When there is pain along this meridian line it usually indicates, what is termed in herbal jargon as “energy stagnation,” which in this case is specifically related to Gallbladder functions.

This meridian terminates right behind the eyes. When the energy is stagnant within this meridian even the luminous energy from bright light can overload this energy stagnation to further aggravating the pain even more.3

Let the Energy Move Freely

The same article goes on to assert:

Usually, making this energy move more freely quickly relieves the pain – this is simply done by finding the pressure points at the base of the skull and pressing on them.

When these points are found there is no mistaking them. They are sensitive and hurt to the touch.

There are two points, one on each side of the base of the skull. By pressing hard on them or, having someone else do it for you, will produce a temporary increase in pain while there is pressure being applied, that is released as soon as the pressure is removed.

The result is that usually the headache or migraine is gone or at least lessened.4

Amy’s partner was able to help with her pressure points, but the relief was only minor and temporary. It was only when she directly applied Migraine Escape to her gall bladder region plus her meridian line that she completely stopped the pain.

Ginger - the raw ingredient of Migraine Escape - has an extraordinary list of properties. I am hypothesising that it is the anti-oxidant and possible anti-inflammatory properties that are proving beneficial in this case.

If these symptoms describe your next ‘super migraine’, why not try Amy’s remedy?


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