When we say 'get a migraine' - the head pain, the vomiting etc - what we're usually referring to is actually the headache phase, one of four phases that make up a migraine:

  1. Prodromal phase
  2. Aura phase
  3. Headache phase
  4. Postdromal phase

Not everybody experiences or is aware that they experience each stage. The prodromal stage, for instance, acts as a warning that the headache phase is oncoming, yet the warning signs are not always obvious if existent at all.

By exploring what happens to your days and hours before experiencing a migraine, you can better understand your own personal migraine path, allowing you to pinpoint the time when your body is most receptive to treatment.

With Migraine Escape, we've found that for patients of all kinds the optimal time to use it is at the prodromal stage before the pain sets in. Our real-world results show that doing so and following the remainder of the application method closely is associated with an 80% likelihood of stopping the migraine.