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50 Shades of Grey Matter

50 Shades of Grey Matter

The world of migraine is far from one of black and white.

There is no simple diagnosis or cure and as a condition with one of the highest spend on treatment per patient, there is more fiction out there than in a three volume series of light erotica.

So how do you sort the fact from the fluff?

The most important thing to remember about sorting through the tides of migraine information is that what you know about your migraines is more valuable than anything anyone else can tell you.

What you know is more important than the latest report, the latest statistics, and the latest research. Actually, what you know about your own migraines is the latest research.

Understanding your own condition is an ongoing research project that’s tailored specifically to you, designed entirely for your benefit and at any moment, the most current research you can access. It’s perfect.

The only downside is that you have to conduct it yourself and you have to record the results.

Damn, that sounds more boring than a novel about a grey silver tie. But we can try to spice that up a little later. Let’s get back to the sea of grey and the opinion tides.

How do you navigate the opinions, the information and the misinformation? How do you sift the gold nuggets of truth from the thick silty conspiracy of lies? And what is the big conspiracy anyway?

Well to tell you the truth (the truth for me, anyway) I don’t think there is any big conspiracy in the online world of migraines. Sure there are a lot of varying opinions and a lot of contrary advice, but I believe that most of those contributing to the sea of grey are well intentioned.

They may sometimes get a little sidetracked, a little over-focused on the devastating statistics and can sometimes push their own barrow a little hard, but they seem to genuinely care and share some level of empathy for the global community of migraine sufferers.

But that again brings us back to you – what good is empathy for the community and global statistics when you’re just after advice and information that may help you better manage your migraines or just get you through another day of pain?

The experience of others can be valuable and new options are always worth investigating, but everything has to go through the filter of your own research project.

You are the only qualified expert on your own migraines – on their specific path, their timing and their symptoms. The triggers and factors that compound them. The ways around them and the ways through. The things that work for you and the things that don’t.

So while the gold nuggets to be found will be different for everyone, there is one thing from traditional research that’s worth taking for anyone. Process.

Not process to get bogged down in or process for process sake. But just a little structure to help you avoid going round and around in circles as the tides of opinion roll in and out in this sea of grey.

Over the past few years we’ve been helping migraine sufferers better understand their migraines and explore the multitude of variables within their lives that impact their health and wellbeing.

We’re excited about the possibility of bringing our work to a greater audience and helping more and more people escape the relentless constraints of life with migraine and uncover a new life of confidence and freedom.

In the coming months we’ll be bringing you resources and support that don’t just add to the tides of opinion, but rather help you navigate through the 50 shades of fictional grey.


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