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10 Secrets to Surviving the Migraine Season

The Christmas festive season is the time of year where most migraines occur, according to the statistics.

Why? Because it's when we're most likely to overindulge, of course - maybe a little too much alcohol, rich food, sugary treats, and late nights.

Not to mention the additional stresses from extra commitments and pressures, with the exercise program getting neglected at...

Gall Bladder, Meridian Lines and Migraines

Gall Bladder, Meridian Lines and Migraines

I received a message from one of our customers yesterday informing me about the results she has obtained by changing her application protocol for Migraine Escape.

By applying Migraine Escape to her gall bladder area before bed and again in the morning after a shower, plus a continuous application along her gall bladder meridian line (across her forehead, down her...

Migraines and Strokes

Migraines and Strokes

There is considerable interest in the relationship between a migraine and a stroke. It is very important that you have your migraines diagnosed by a qualified medical practitioner to rule out any other medical conditions. 

What is a Stroke?

A stroke is a brain attack that can happen at any time to anyone. A stroke occurs when the blood supply...