Lots of people claim they have an effective treatment for migraines. Why believe us?

Lots of people claim they have an effective treatment for migraines. Why believe us?

1. Migraine Escape® has helped sufferers all over Australia & NZ to significantly reduce the impact of migraine on their lives. Just check out our Reviews.
2. Migraine Escape® has patents pending, demonstrating it is truly unique - you haven’t tried anything like it.
3. We are 100% committed to your satisfaction - experience relief from your pain or your money back.

So what have you got to lose?

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What makes Migraine Escape® different?

Migraine Escape® is the result of years of research and innovative thinking. That includes everything from the type of ginger we use to the extraction process that provides the purist and most effective migraine relief treatment.
Why we created Migraine Escape®

Why we created Migraine Escape®

Once he understood how his sister’s migraines were affecting her whole life, Founder and Managing Director Michael Dale knew he had to help her. This was the beginning of a 5-year journey that revolutionised the use of ginger for natural migraine relief.

Real people, real results

“Now, since having Migraine Escape, my confidence levels and everything have changed, because you've got it in your back pocket or wherever you've got it - in your purse. If you feel any sort of symptoms coming, you hit it on the head before it even goes into a full migraine and it's just wonderful.”*
“Now I find myself more energised and happier...I couldn't tell you when I last had a headache.”*
“I did have a relapse of getting headaches after a poor diet choice for a weekend, I was developing the bad headache and then used the ME (little bit of what I had left) and it relieved the headache within the hour.”*
“I actually had the aura (blurry vision) I get with a migraine at 5pm this afternoon whilst at the playground with the kids - raced home to apply the treatment and no headache eventuated. I did lie down for a half hour just because I felt exhausted but now, 5 hours later it is just a blip in my day.”*

Why Migraine Escape®?

Migraine Escape® is shown to take effect within 10 minutes when applied at the first signs of an impending migraine and can help you stop a fully developed migraine within 15-40 minutes. “I am religiously using it as a preventative when the symptom first appears and having fabulous results with that. The migraine is gone within 30 mins!” Brydie McKee, Australia.*
Regular application can lead to a dramatic reduction in migraine incidences, especially for chronic sufferers. Migraine Escape® appears to heal the plasticity in the nerves, making it more difficult for migraines to form. “Migraines have been disappearing from my life at a rapid rate...It works and that's what's different”, says Lindy Smith from Sydney, Australia. She went from 10 migraines a month to zero after regular use.*
Migraine Escape® is 100% sourced from nature - not a single artificial chemical has been added. As a result, there is no evidence of the harmful side effects or potential liver/kidney damage often associated with conventional migraine treatments. Our customers don't report the next day hangover, nausea, brain fog etc that they may have experienced before.*

"Migraines have been disappearing from my life at a rapid rate"*

Convenient and easy to use

Lightweight and pocket-sized. Migraine Escape® gets to work immediately, meaning you're protected wherever you are.
Convenient and easy to use

All natural

A 100% pure extract derived from the highest quality Australian ginger, containing no artificial chemicals, preservatives or additives of any kind. Ginger has been used for over 5,000 years in Ayurveda Medicine for relieving the discomfort associated with migraines and cluster, recurrent and tension headaches.
All natural

Made in Australia

We scoured the globe for the purest, most high quality ginger and landed right back at home in Queensland, Australia, where we source from local growers. We handle all other aspects of production domestically too to ensure our product is made to the highest standards.
Made in Australia

Cover yourself for 22 migraine events

One bottle of Migraine Escape® will typically cover you for 22 migraine or headache events, while more regular application has been shown to lead to a reduction in the overall frequency of migraines.*